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Zoomicorns are minor characters in Shimmer and Shine.


Winged Unicorns native to Zahramay Falls and Rainbow Zahramay introduced in the second season. They are friendly and helpful creatures who occasionally aid the girls and allow them to ride them. There is also a game called Zoomicorn Toss, where players ride flying Zahramay Cloud Boards while trying to throw rings around a Zoomicorn's horn as it flies around, without the use of magic as using magic is considered unfair. The only known named Zoomicorn, is Gleam who lives in Rainbow Zahramay that is a pet to the Glitter Genie Afina who the girls meet and befriend during one of their adventures in Rainbow Zahramay in the third season.


Zoomicorns have lilac colored coats, blue manes and tails, tan colored wings, and brown eyes with a unicorn horn. While Gleam has a light blue colored coat, a pink glittery mane and tail, and pink hooves.


Zoomicorns appear in the following episodes:


  • They are called Zahracorns in the third and fourth season.


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