Princess Samira is a main character in Shimmer and Shine.


"Princess Samira is kind, generous, and the most powerful genie in Zahramay Falls. She is a mentor to Shimmer, Shine, and all the genies in training, awarding Genie Gems to grant new magical powers to those genies that earn them. Shimmer and Shine look up to Princess Samira because she believes in the power of friendship and is always available when they need her help."


Samira has turquoise hair and dark blue eyes. She wears a light pink and light purple outfit, a pair of earrings shaped like peacock feathers, and a silver headpiece with a pendant in the shape of a peacock's tail. She also wears a pair of pink shoes.


Samira appears in most episodes from "Welcome to Zahramay Falls" onward. She does not appear in the first season.


  • In "Bling, Bling", Princess Samira said that she too was once a genie in training.
  • Samira is the only person who does not dislike Zeta, Samira likes Zeta and is always willing to help her.
  • At Nick.Jr., at the game. "Halloween House Party", she is wearing a witch costume.
  • Samira's family is never seen in the series.




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