"Pilot" is the Shimmer and Shine episode from . The pilot episode of Shimmer and Shine was produced from January to November 2013. The show itself had begun production three years prior in 2010. The pilot, which was screened exclusively at Nickelodeon Animation Studio, was never shown on television.

All six main characters appeared in the pilot. An official logline or plot outline for the pilot has not been released.


"Shimmer and Shine" follows the magical adventures of genie twin sisters Shimmer and Shine and their human best friend Leah, who, when needing help with various dilemmas, is granted three wishes after summoning the genies with a rub of her oil lamp pendant necklace. Misadventures ensue however when Shimmer and Shine often misinterpret what Leah wishes for and accidentally grant her the wrong wishes. Leah must then use non-magical problem-solving skills to fix her problems.

Voice Cast

  • Eva Bella as Shimmer
  • Isabella Crovetti-Cramp as Shine
  • Alina Foley as Leah
  • Blake Bertrand as Zac
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Tala / Nahal
  • Melanie Fontana as Session Singer


  • During the pilot's production, Zac's design was vastly different. He had the same hair, but was much shorter and wore a bear-shaped hat. He also had green eyes instead of blue.
  • Andy Bialk designed the characters and the settings for the pilot.



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