This category contains articles about cousins on Shimmer and Shine. Nadia is a reoccurring character from season three of "Shimmer and Shine".


Nadia is the genie in charge of all the dreams in Zahramay Falls. Unlike the other genies, she and her assistant Ezri, sleep during the day and get their work done during the night.


Nadia is a fair-skinned genie with lilac hair that's pulled back into four curls. She has pink eyes and lilac eye shadow. She wears golden earrings, a golden necklace, and a golden circlet, all of which have moon pendants. Nadia wears a pale lilac dress that features moon designs.


  • Nadia's job as a dream genie is similar to that of the Greek god Hypnos, the god of sleep.
  • She has many types of dream dust.
  • Nadia is the second character in the series to sing instead of the usual session singer, with the first being Zeta in the episode Dance Magic
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