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Misha is a minor character in Shimmer and Shine. She's an Animal Genie.


Misha is the Animal Genie who helps all the genies in Zarharmay Falls find their pets.


Misha is fair skinned, and has dark pink hair with a braid at the top. She wears a light blue/purple dress with yellow and pink flowers. She also wears a golden circlet with a diamond-shaped headpiece with a violet crystal on the center, with matching earrings. She also has blue eyes and a paw print design by each one. She also wears gold bracelets on each arm with a matching necklace.


Misha appears in the following episodes:



  • On Cuddle Buddy Day, she delivers pets to all the genies in Zahramay Falls that need them.
  • Whenever an animal get separated or lost Misha can call them back with her special song.
  • She has a Pet Panda named Lulu.
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