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Imma is a recurring character in Shimmer and Shine.


Imma is the waterfall genie who lives in Rainbow Zahramay and controls the rainbow waterfall that flows through the entire town. She owns a staff that has the power to open and close the Rainbow Gates. She is very protective of her staff and talks to it like it is a person.

She is very talkative and doesn't seem to realize when she keeps talking on and on. She is also forgetful, sometimes forgetting what she is saying mid-sentence. Imma takes things questions very literally, and she always clarifies after telling another genie something, "At least, I don't know what else [something] would be!"


Imma has teal eyes and rainbow hair. She wears a light blue dress, and silver gauntlets with purple gems on her wrists. She also wears a pearl headpiece with a purple gem pendant in the center.




Official Art


Additionally, Imma's rainbow waterfall is seen in many other episodes.

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