This category contains articles about cousins on Shimmer and Shine. A bird that lives in Rainbow Zahramay who the girls meet in "Abracanope".

Bali is a Nil, a type of bird that unintentionally causes various types of magic to stop working when it is nearby. Despite this Shine explains that they are friendly creatures that simply want to play and mean no harm. Bali causes the girls genie gem powered ship to stop working along with other genie magic such as wish magic and levitation, though they manage to get it working after they realize Bali is the cause and Shine identifies Bali as a Nil. Though it unintentionally causes trouble when it follows the girls to the Azar Bazaar, Bali later helps the girls stop Zeta when she uses a laughing potion to incapacitate the genies in order to steal the Azar Gem, as Bali causes the magic of Zeta's potion to stop working and stops the Azar Gem to stop levitating and fall on Zeta which causes her to get her own laughing potion on her.

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