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• 1/23/2019


Fans of Nick Jr, Disney Junior or PBS Kids Shows
Fans of Nick Jr, Disney Junior or PBS Kids Shows
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• 12/13/2018

Season 4? Missing episodes?

Just wondering if anyone else is having an issue with viewing season four. I can only seem to locate the first 2 episodes and the oceans collide episode. All episodes in between are missing. I have direct tv. I can see they were supposed to play, but they never recorded and do not seem to have played again. I have also looked online at Nick jr. Anyone else have an issue or know where to find the missing episodes? Thank you.

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• 9/3/2018

Ponytail design

This might be the silliest question on here but someone told me once that there is no such thing as a dumb question. I’m here to test that theory. Here goes: Why does Shine, Leah, and Princess Zamira have two humps at the tops of their ponytails and Shimmer and Zeta only have one? Any ideas?
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• 5/23/2018

New Pages

Would anybody be opposed to me adding pages for the songs?
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• 2/27/2018

I need help finding some episodes.

Does anyone have links to any of the full episodes in season 3 or Bungle in the Jungle & The mysterious Tower?
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• 1/16/2018

Two New Season 3 Episodes

Zahramay Dreams-The girls meet the Dream Genie and her apprentice, who have the power to make dreams come true
Careful What You Wish For-Samira gives the kids a tour of the magical rooms in her palace where she makes wishing items for Leah's world.
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• 11/23/2017

Another Song for Leah, Zac, and Rocket

The Magic Carpet Song and Travel Back Song the Genies version is great. How about the new song called Genie Portal Song and Travel Back Song the Leah, Zac, and Rocket version that their genies calling them Leah rub the necklace and Zac rub the lamp went inside. While through the genie portal the magic change their clothes to the genie outfits to visit Zahramay Falls and while through the portal again, the magic change back to their usual clothes to head back to their world?
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• 11/22/2017


Did you see what I did? I added the heading of Songs so I want you to add more songs headings in the previous episodes
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• 11/11/2017

another locations

what happen to the other locations like Leah's and Zac's world like Zac's house, Leah's house, North Pole, Carnival, etc
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• 11/4/2017

Adopting the wiki

With the absence of GeniesDivine, I have made an adoption request to adopt the wiki I originally founded. I heavily regret completely forgetting about it, and I also hope not only GeniesDevine, but a lot of new users to come back, so we can all grow this community!
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